computer locking up

  heepster 18:21 08 Mar 04

I have an Athlon 700 with 512 meg ram, 30 gig H/D, running ME.It has been running ok until recently when it just locks up, the screen goes black and I have a single row of green coloured boxes running horizontally along the top of the screen.I then have to reboot to rectify. Anyone have any ideas why? I have done a full virus scan and all is clear there. This is baffling to me as I have not installed any new software or components for over a year.

  anon1 18:27 08 Mar 04

Have you been delving inside the box recently? You could have losened the video card or you could check the video drivers and update from the makers site. Check alos the cable connections on the back to the monitor.

  heepster 18:55 08 Mar 04

Thanks anon, my first thought was the graphics card, but I have not had the back off for a year.All monitor cables are tight.

  wawadave 18:59 08 Mar 04

in m.e i had this happen after beeing infected by a virus.
you might allso look over this link.
how to run m.e well version 5
click here

  Paranoid Android 20:01 08 Mar 04

I had a similar problem once, it was cured by a BIOS flash. May not be relevant to you but there you go....


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