Computer keeps trying to access website

  eskimosean 08 Jan 11

A programme on my computer keeps trying to access a file on the filesharing site, Webroot spyware is stopping it (it tries once every 2 seconds), but I was wondering if there is a way of finding out what programme is sending the request to start with please!

  lotvic 08 Jan 11

According to reports was riddled with malware and spyware all of Dec 2010.
Have you done a full scan of all your anti spyware/malware/virus programs?

Did you have Webroot spyware installed before this started to happen or did you install it afterwards?

Full details of your O/S (XP,Vista, W7 ?)and your anti spyware/malware/virus/firewall programs and the actions you have taken so far, please.

Do you get any popup screens or any unusual behaviour at all?
Have you checked in Task Manager what processes are running?

  Big L 266 08 Jan 11


eskimosean....I've just noticed you've put this question in the 'Windows Vista' forum as well which is where I've just answered. Lotvic is spot on with his answer though.

All the best.

Big L 266

  eskimosean 08 Jan 11

Hi Guys, thanks for the quick response!

I'm running vista 32Bit HP, with webroot spysweeper and norton 360. Both were in place before the problem appeared. So far, I've used ccleaner to try and source a the problem in the registry, hasn't seemed to have worked. Run scans with both norton and webroot, nothing found. Webroot does catch the access to the website, it just doesn't say where it is coming from!

I have had no popups and no other unusual behaviour.

I have just checked task manager and discovered that chrome was running an unusually large number of processes, and so I have uninstalled chrome and reinstalled it, which so far may have worked, it is very difficult to tell, as I can't even find a log within Webroot!

  Grendyl 08 Jan 11

If you still have problems try running trojan remover, its free fully working for 30 days, run it in safe mode and do a full system scan. Should clear any infections you may have.

not sure if I can post links but the download for TR is here

click here

Good luck

  buteman 08 Jan 11

Trojan remover is a very good program and have used it myself so no harm in posting it.


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