Computer keeps trying to access the internet

  jnevill 10:16 01 Jul 03

I installed Virgin's 24Seven service on a friend's computer (running Win XP) and everything was fine for a while. Now the computer tries connecting to the internet as soon as it is booted up. Even if we click 'cancel' the computer attempts another two or three connections before giving up for a few minutes. I have checked the settings on 'Internet Connection' and it is not set to automatically connect and I am not aware of any of the software trying to make the connection. Any help gratefully received.

  Mango Grummit 10:46 01 Jul 03

Have you looked in msconfig to see what programs are running at startup? It's usually that but could be a naughty. Do a virus and trojan scan to be sure though.

  jnevill 13:43 01 Jul 03

Thanks Mango, I've tried the virus check but I'll give msconfig a go

  acfc 13:51 01 Jul 03

Do you run Zonealarm? The previous version caused an internet session to begin at startup.

Version 3.7.143 corrected this.

  jnevill 14:02 01 Jul 03

Actually, we just upgraded free edition of Zonealarm, thanks I'll have a look at ZoneLabs website

  alcudia 16:55 01 Jul 03

Mine does exactly the same thing.
I think in my case it is connected with either Norton Firewall or AV trying to automatically update. It's no big deal and I have got used to it.
If anyone does have a fix though it would be nice.

  jnevill 08:38 02 Jul 03

Cheers, I'll let you know if it works

  Dumfy 08:50 02 Jul 03

This is similar to a thread I saw a couple of days ago. If you click here you'll see what I mean.

Hopefully it's not a virus


  jnevill 09:16 02 Jul 03

Dumfy, Kazaa hasn't been used but an inexperienced person used the computer to surf the net so they may have picked up the virus. I'll have a look - Thanks

  jnevill 10:08 03 Jul 03

Just wanted to say thanks to everyone who tried to help. The computer seems to have settled on its own but I've checked for the virus and start ups and everything seems okay. ZoneAlarm have a very good support page, where you actually type in your problem rather than just hunt through everything, and from there I got a few suggestions to help the problem (You may want to check it out Alcudia if you think it is AVG causing your automatic dial up).
Anyway thanks to everyone.

  Mango Grummit 12:12 03 Jul 03

...... you can't trust kids can you?

Even when they say "I promise" ......

and we were all the same .... Regards, M

BTW, please TICK resolved, thanks.

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