Computer keeps re-booting

  blacksamurai 01:36 07 Oct 04

AMD Athlon 1.1GHz, 256 DDR RAM, 30 GB HDD. Won't boot up, changed the power supply , but BIOS option is still not displayed at start up , instead i get an error message (Sec Slave HDD error)and won't load up. Any help much appreciated.

  Djohn 02:42 07 Oct 04

A little more information please? Operating system, have you recently made any changes to your PC, is there a slave drive or just the one drive on the primary IDE cable [Flat ribbon cable] and what is connected to the secondary IDE cable, ether as master or slave?

  blacksamurai 17:53 07 Oct 04

Wassup, i have resolved the problem, by removing the battery on the motherboard and depressing the contact underneath to reset the BIOS. I now have a fully operating PC again. Thank you to those who responeded to the query.$

  blacksamurai 17:54 07 Oct 04

by the way i reploaced the battery after pressing don the contact.$

  mosfet 18:15 07 Oct 04


  blacksamurai 22:42 10 Oct 04

I am at University, and have broadband access from my room which the university provides, they have blocked ports , so that we cannot use p2p services or web host servers and apps such as MSN messenger. Is there anyway to get around this by by reconfiguring my Internet Options? Any help much appreciated.$

  Djohn 23:01 10 Oct 04

the university has blocked those ports for a reason but you could always ask one of the IT chaps there to explain.

  bof:) 23:30 10 Oct 04

Hi blacksamuri,

I have a son who is at uni and they have blocked ports to stop gaming and msn etc.


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