Computer keeps freezing

  Marko1 22:46 17 Dec 05

Don't know if anyone can help but over the last couple of weeks my computer seems to have become particularly unstable. It is prone to freezing and then the screen going blank. The system still seems to be working (it's making all the right noises!)but I have to turn off the computer and then restart it. This does not happen every single time i use the computer but at least 50%. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks

  Skyver 22:57 17 Dec 05

Can you give more information, version of Windows, machine specs, can you check system temps from the BIOS, have you got all the latest MS updates, what antivirus/antispyware do you run etc etc

  Fred Heartsun 23:11 17 Dec 05

it could be an overheating cpu(as happenned to mine), unscrew the cooling fan and use a small paintbrush to give everything a good clean. 1/2 inch is a nice size.

  quack 23:34 17 Dec 05

Had the same problem and eventually traced it to my HP Printer Driver not being the latest. Check all manufacturers websites for any driver updates available and download and install them. Good luck.

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