computer keeps freezing

  nobbie 19:26 24 Feb 04

my daughters comp keeps freezing since i formatted the hard drive and clean installed win xp pro + sp1
it might be because it is only a 900 mhz processor, so i was thinking of upgrading mobo and processor, but before i do that, i thought i would ask to see if there was anything that i could do first, it doesn't freeze at any specific time, just randomly,
but my daughter keeps commandering my comp because of this,
any advice appreciated

  Chegs ® 19:39 24 Feb 04

My daughters pc(1G Duron/256Mbs PC133 RAM)has run XP Pro without a problem(switched on 24/7)for a couple of years.It is more likely a software problem causing the lockups,have a look in XP's Error Log,it will have details of the problem(possibly)

  dfghjkl 20:04 24 Feb 04

how do you find xp,s error log?thanks.peter.

  christmascracker 21:01 24 Feb 04

Control panel, administrative tools, event viewer

  nobbie 15:40 25 Feb 04

i have found the error log and there are plenty of errors relating to certain programs and hardware
i might take the easy option and format the harddrive ready for a clean install
thanks for your help

  nobbie 19:46 25 Feb 04

have formatted harddrive and reinstalled win xp pro, with nothing else,BUT after about half hour it froze again, so i,m putting it down to under powered processor/motherboard, so unless anyone has any other suggestions, i will be visiting the local computer market for an upgrade,

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