Computer just cuts off!Power supply?

  prodway 20:27 11 Jul 04

Hi,my new upgraded pc keeps going off completly when playing games,Its an athlon xp3200 with a ASrock mboard.The thing is my power supply is only 300w,Do i need a 400w for a 3200 cpu?Im guessing its this because when it turns off i have to wait about 5 mins before it will turn back on again.Can somone confirm my suspitions?Thanks.Paul.

  the pie eater 20:37 11 Jul 04

Just an thought is the fan ok

  ton 20:40 11 Jul 04

Have a look in the bios.

There is usually a function to turn off the pc if the temperature on the CPU rises to much.
This might be set too low, or it might be an indication that a fan is not working.

  prodway 20:41 11 Jul 04

Fan i cpu?Yes runs at 5000rpms.
Fan on power supply?Yes its working.

Thanks Paul.

  prodway 07:06 12 Jul 04

I cant find a way to change my minimum temp settings,It should be in my bios shouldnt it?My motherboard is a K7S8XE+ ASRock.Any ideas?And does amyone else think its mt power supply?Cheers,Paul.

  prodway 13:17 12 Jul 04


  prodway 17:59 12 Jul 04

Sorry to keep adding to my post but i need someone elses opinion before i buy a new power supply,Thanks,Paul.

  Kase 18:12 12 Jul 04

Does your graphics card need its own power supply!?, if so you could be overloading the system. With all the fans and greedy power goodies in the latest Computers I would consider buying a new psu anyway say at least a 500w unit


  Gaz 25 18:22 12 Jul 04

I had a problem like this a while back, and was using a 350watt PSU.

I upgraded to a 450watt, and it still didnt satisfy the power requirements.

A 550watt does me fine.

  prodway 19:20 12 Jul 04

Hi,No the graphics card dosent use the power supply,What system have you got then gaz to need a 550w?Cheers,Paul.

  jonnytub 19:28 12 Jul 04

i also use 550w as i burnt the original one out (350w), too many goodies running of it.

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