Computer has been hacked

  AdeJ 08:16 13 Jun 03

I have had problems with someone accessing various websites obviously knowing my passwords. These have been changed, and immediately hacked again.

I have Norton AV and security running constantly and have done sweeps, used Adaware and Spysweeper runs daily without finding any spyware/trojans/viruses but someone is obviously still reading my key entries.

Anything I'm missing?

  jimv7 08:21 13 Jun 03

Download and install sygate firewall from

click here

then at least you will know that your computer is reasonably safe.

  rawprawn 08:22 13 Jun 03

Not being rude but have you looked closer to home ?

  AdeJ 08:34 13 Jun 03

I already have Norton's Firewall up and running...

And RP you're not being rude at all - I suspect it IS closer to home. Unfortunately my system is the internet gateway for the house so is always on and always accessible. I'm thinking of doing a complete wipe and virgin installation of everything again, but given that my system has to be accessible I don't see how I could prevent the problem recurring

  steven_frost 08:38 13 Jun 03

which os you running

  AdeJ 08:40 13 Jun 03

xp home

  keith-236785 09:48 13 Jun 03

set a very strong password on your login

and dont let anyone know it, then each time you leave the computer LOG OFF

unlikely but has anyone fitted a keylogger device (it goes at the end of the keyboard wire where it plugs into computer, small but effective)

worth a check.....

also, no-one has set up a small camera pointing to your keyboard (wouldnt think so but hey....)

cant think of anything else except maybe you are a predictable sort of person when it comes to passwords which makes it easy to guess

one last point, do you clear the history after each time you have been on, if not then they could be using your own history to go back to the sites,

delete cookies( if you delete all cookies you will have to re-enter passwords when you go back to sites like pcadvisor etc) if in doubt then dont delete cookies YET, try the other things first/delete temporary internet files/ clear history

and also Internet logs in C:\windows (please note tvdebug will not delete, it is in use (i think its a zone alarm file), delete all files EXCEPT ones with the present days date)

then see if other people can still hack you

good luck

  GANDALF <|:-)> 16:03 13 Jun 03

There is no way that this is outside hacking, I am afraid someone at home has access to your passwords. These are triple easy to lift off a computer or by using a third party software such as Revelation. Line up the family and severely interrogate.


  drummerdude436 16:48 13 Jun 03

As gandolf said, SAS style interrogation is needed... or am i being a little to extreme?
delete all files in any temp folders on your 'puter as well. I found that i can read any e-mails on hotmail accounts accessed from my computer by simply bringing up the tempoary internet folder. basically the pictures in these folders are like pressing the 'print screen' button, and then pasting into paint. If all else fails, get seperate logons for everyone in the family or simply use the computer for your use, and get the rest to buy one for themselves. that should be an absolute last resort though.

  Musey 16:56 13 Jun 03

Seperate log ins and strong passwords [upper and lower case letters mingled with numbers and/or symbols] will help.

Set your browser to empty Temporary Folders when it closes.

  Gaz 25 16:58 13 Jun 03

Add a PC spy system to your PC, and a camera to see is going to your PC, check to see when the PC was last logged on in event viewer and security, it should tell you.

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