Computer gone very slow at start up

  Robert-1722984 09:54 17 Mar 11


We have a new Acer computer running Windows 7 64 bit. Its worked fine for a week and we have uploaded the various updates from Microsoft including Service pack 1. Yesterday for no apparant reason the computer has started to take 6 minutes to start up. Thinking maybe it was an update problem I have restored the computer back to 14 March but it has made no difference.

I can only assume that some programme has taken it upon itself to load up at the start up. How can I solve this problem ? Thanks

  spuds 10:23 17 Mar 11

Not sure if this might help click here

The other thing that you might consider, is if you have enough memory ram for Windows 7?.

Have you downloaded or installed any new programs recently ie spyware etc?.

  robin_x 10:45 17 Mar 11

Click 'Start' type msconfig in search box and run it. Try disabling whatever looks like a culprit.

I prefer a 3rd party app that does same and also blocks new Startups unless you give permission in a pop up.

WinPatrol (runs all the time, does not interfere with AV)
click here;1

When computer is running well and all setup, I recommend you make a System Image (to external drive)
This preserves the OS, updates and all settings and your installed apps your files/data. Also makes a boot CD/DVD for future emergencies.
It's a good alternative to return to Factory settings.

  birdface 10:49 17 Mar 11

I had the same problem the other day using W/7 64bit but after a reboot it worked Ok.
Some problems with the latest Adobe Flash updates so not sure if that could be your problem.
Maybe a quick update and run of MalwareBytes might help.

  Robert-1722984 12:57 17 Mar 11

Thanks everyone for all of your suggestions. I think that the problem may have been Bullguard backup service which came on a few times early this week. I have disabled the backup service and deleted the backups it made and rebooted and all fine now. Booting up in just over 30 seconds rather than the 6 minutes.

  robin_x 13:25 17 Mar 11

Is that the trial on-line backup?

Consider others Dropbox 2GB (free, pay for more), Skydrive 25GB.

click here

I'd rather trust another HDD though.
Either USB or via network to another PC in my house.

  Robert-1722984 14:36 17 Mar 11

No the back up was full paid up version which comes with Bull guard

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