computer generated letters

  rins36 22:41 17 Nov 04


I am currently having problems with Royal Mail as I have the same address as 2 other areas but a different post code

At the moment I am awaiting an important letter and have asked the company if they can e-mail the letter to me......the answer was no because the letter has been computer generated so cannot be sent via e-mail

This letter will come with my name, address and account number on

Is the company right that it cant be e-mailed or this is a fob off

  VoG II 22:43 17 Nov 04

Sounds like a fob off to me.

  stalion 22:44 17 Nov 04

they are probably right the computer is programmed to prepare the letter for posting meaning a human person only signs it

  VoG II 22:46 17 Nov 04

So why can't they scan it and e-mail it?

  stalion 22:48 17 Nov 04

because they are to lazy;o))

  rins36 22:53 17 Nov 04

The letter will come with a photocopy type signature as prior to the postal problem this was how letters from the company had been received

I dont know wht to think

  Forum Editor 23:20 17 Nov 04

if it was considered safe to do so, but obviously it's not. You don't say how sensitive the information is, but the fact that it has a name, address and account number on it is to my mind sufficient reason for this company's reticence.

  Sir Radfordin 23:42 17 Nov 04

Depends on how the letter is produced. At work we generate 'runs' of letters several thousand long. The only time they are seen by a human is when moved from a printer to a folding maching to a stuffing machine.

That isn't to say one letter couldn't be pulled out but most automated systems that deal in bulk wouldn't be able to cope with it.

And then there is the point raised by the FE.

I do understand your problem however having lived in a town with a St Georges Road, Street, Terrace, Lane...etc!

  rins36 00:03 18 Nov 04

thanks all for your replies, I think the company will not e-mail it for their own reason which I will question, as FE says "if it was considered safe to do so, but obviously it's not.

FE the letter does not contain any sensitive information and I would of thought of my postal problems e-mailing it would be a safer option, as if the letter is posted via normal post and goes to the wrong address, the ppl there will know the content if they open it in error (which can be done) will they pass it on or bin it?

  €dstowe 06:46 18 Nov 04

The onus here is on the Post Office to get their business in order and deliver the mail correctly.

If mail is automatically sorted by post code, which it is claimed to be, there should be no problem with it being delivered to the wrong address.

  rins36 21:36 18 Nov 04


I agree with what you are saying about the onus being with the post office and they should not deliver to the wrong address but they do, i even had a lette the other week with my name, address on but the town was 15 miles away and it had been crossed out

The thing is I need this letter to get to me not someone else hence asking for it to be e-mailed to me!

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