Computer freezing at different times during strtup

  cnl 12:39 26 Dec 04

Hi there. Does anyone know anything about computers crashing when being turned on (ie not even any visual startup), during bios startup, during windows startup, and after Windows has been operational for a couple of minutes? The computer simply freezes.
I've changed the graphics card,checked components (inc fans) - nothing - so would it be the motherboard, cpu or psu? I also reset bios & checked all bios settings, to no avail. It was working perfectly until recently.

Any help or advice would be very appreciated.



  Technotiger 12:42 26 Dec 04

Hi, do you use a cordless mouse? If so, this could be the problem - (hoping that it is nothing more serious). Let us know and I or someone else may be able to assist. Cheers.

  Carl @ UD 12:43 26 Dec 04

Make sure all drivers are upto date, symptons of freezing during start are often a sign of conflict when a driver loads.

  cnl 12:52 26 Dec 04

The mouse is a simple Intellimouse connected to the 6-pin motherboard mouse socket.

I installed Windows from a fresh formatted disk, and it had been working fine for a couple of months. All the dirvers were up to date at that time. The computer has been used for little more than the internet, so nothing demanding has been required of it.

It seems strange to me that it seems to crash at the four points mentioned previously, but each time it seems to crash randomly at one of those points.

Thanks for your help,


  Carl @ UD 12:56 26 Dec 04

Next thing to check is the IRQ settings. You maybe getting an IRQ conflict if the OS is automatically assigning.

  Technotiger 13:02 26 Dec 04

Random crashes such as you are experiencing are sometimes due to one or more loose connections in the first instance, but as you say you have changed this, that and everything else, you would already appear to have covered that one - I would still suggest a double-check though on your fittings and connections. I did have a similar problem some time ago - changing my Mouse cured mine and I have had no problems since. Sorry I cannot be of more help, but I am sure someone else will come to your aid. Good luck. Cheers.

  littlemo3 01:31 13 Jan 05

I have an IBM Notebook which started freezing a few months ago. It usually happened after it had been on for a few minutes. In the end, I borrowed a laptop from someone and now a similar thing is happening. This time though, it only freezes when I am in Yahoo mail. I end up having to switch off at the mains as Alt Ctrl Del won't work when this happens. Any suggestions?

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