Computer Freezing

  beanyboy 11:35 15 Sep 06

I thought I had already put this on once which just goes to show that I am still a bit of a "dipstick" when it comes to computers.

I have Freezing Problems just started, That is to say the computer just freezes ie the mouse is powerless.
The mouse itself is ok , the cursor moves fine ete but it always has the HOURGLASS next to it.

Recently the whole thing has gotton very slow ie Outlook for E Mails and Explorer for surfin etc so whether it is a common fault or not , I don't know.

I would appreciate some help on this one please.


  ArrGee 11:39 15 Sep 06
  STREETWORK 00:08 16 Sep 06

Are you running a Firewall and anti virus?

What is the system spec?...

  beanyboy 14:04 16 Sep 06

Too ArrGee and Streetwork,thanks for responding.
I loaded Advanced WindowsCare but it did not solve my problem. Yes I am running Firewall and Anti-virus and I dis-abled them for a while and the Freezing may have cleared itself. It seems that I have a respite at the moment anyway.
If it re-occurs, I'll come back for more assistance.
Thanks again

  STREETWORK 19:21 22 Sep 06

If this happens again it could be down to a loose connection in the PC...

Open case, check connections, including memory and any cards fitted, also give it a good clean out as dust on the fans could cause overheating and freeze problems...

  beanyboy 09:20 23 Sep 06

Thanks Streetwork I'll do that although to be honest the Freezing that I had seems to have "thawed" a bit over the past couple of days.
I will take your advice on board however and thanks again.Much appreciated.

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