Computer freezes on shut down

  Snrub 14:10 PM 30 Mar 13

My W7 IE10 browses fast but after a while say an hour freezes and locks. IE10 can not be shut down. If I attempt to use the Start Button shut down and restart the computer goes to logging off and just sticks there. The only option left is to switch power off which I have to do with reluctance whilst it is in shut down mode with the hard drive running. Any ideas please to fix problem?

If the computer with IE10 running well goes into sleep mode it also freezes IE10.

  Model Student 14:23 PM 30 Mar 13

2 words... Google Chrome

  Snrub 14:33 PM 30 Mar 13

I use google chrome and it works well but this does not answer my question why IE10 freezes even when I have disabled add-ons.

  Model Student 14:37 PM 30 Mar 13

I would recommend that you Uninstall IE10 and use another Web Browser

  Snrub 17:40 PM 30 Mar 13

Think I have sorted problem Uninstalled Google Toolbar for Internet Explorer. All back to normal.


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