computer freeze

  albevy 10:17 15 May 14

Hi I have recently had the problem of my computer that when in the normal upright position freezes, but if I lay it on its side it runs perfectly,I leave it running on its side for a considerable time with no problems,but as soon as I put it back to its proper position it starts freezing almost immediately...I cant find anything loose inside and I am stumped.Any help would be gratefully received

  bumpkin 12:23 15 May 14

vertical virus?

  albevy 12:37 15 May 14

MechKB 2 Many thanx for the suggestion I will do as you advise and reort back accordingly..Thanks again

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:27 15 May 14

These was reported by someone else on the forum awhile ago without a solution.

In one case I have seen it was a failed graphics card fan that was catching, stalling and causing the graphics card to overheat and freeze the PC. But was OK in a different position.

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