computer and eye strain

  daisy2bell 07:50 20 Dec 07

Having a few problems with my eyes, in as much that bright lights including looking at the PC causes me to get migraines.
Somewhere in the back of my mind, I seem to remember that there are special glasses for looking at computer screens.
Can anyone enlighten me please.

  birdface 08:27 20 Dec 07

I am not sure about special glasses.But when I got my eyes tested I said I would also like a pair for working on the computer.He asked how far away from the computer do I sit,And tested my eyes at that distance.My reading glasses or long distance glasses are no good for working with the computer as you end up with eye strain or a stiff neck.Well worth getting the proper glasses.

  Technotiger 08:37 20 Dec 07

There is a special Filter that can be placed over the entire screen for just such problems. click here

  Technotiger 08:41 20 Dec 07
  daisy2bell 12:09 20 Dec 07

Thanks guys, I'll check out both options, and tick as resolved. I am getting new glasses in January, so might go down that route. But I will check the filter option as well.

  Les28 12:09 20 Dec 07

Do you have a CRT or an LCD monitor?
Just wondering if you have a CRT maybe the refresh rate is a bit low.
Have you adjusted brightness and contrast etc on the monitor to try and make it more suitable for you?
Otherwise I go along with the suggestions already made, anti-glare screen and computer in a suitable location and if you wear glasses get a pair precribed for the correct distance.

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