computer errors

  capricorn45 22:18 08 Apr 06

I am still having problems with my computer stopping for no reason and also restarts on its on, i also get a black screen and cant do anything but switch it off and get improper shutdown. Now I have just got a blue screen with an error message OE:0028:0311DD48, it said to press any key or restart but it wont respond to anything and I have to switch it off. It keeps crashing everytime after about half an hour once I switch on. I would much appreciate anyones advice, I checked for viruses but ok and checked its not overheated.

  rdave13 22:24 08 Apr 06

Do you get an error message from windows ie "it has recovered from a fatal error" and it requires you to send a report to windows? If so send report.Helped me once because of a firewall software conflict.

  capricorn45 22:54 08 Apr 06

hello Rdave13
Thank you for your response but I dont get any fatal error asking me to report to windows.

  terryf 08:17 09 Apr 06

Take the case off and check that all fans including processor cooler are working

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