Computer Driving Licences

  Chris the Ancient 18:34 22 Apr 04

A colleague has just asked me a very interesting question!

P'raps someone else will know the answer, I sure as heck don't.

What is the difference between the European Computer Driving Licence and the American Computer Driving Licence?


  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:40 22 Apr 04

The country.

AFAIK there is not an American equivalent.


  Chris the Ancient 18:46 22 Apr 04

This is what comes of talking to an American!

What I SHOULD have asked is the difference between an International CDL and a European CDL.

Tell you something. It's hard to type when your head's hanging in abjsect shame!

  end 18:52 22 Apr 04

(I"m sorry , but I am now seeing a computer being driven down the road and I THINK they both drive on the right ).....does one now have to have a driving license to operate a computer.....

  VoG II 18:53 22 Apr 04

None click here

  Chris the Ancient 18:56 22 Apr 04

It is rather mind-boggling!

The CDL was introduced a while back because there were so many variations on a theme for qualifications in IT use with CLAIT, RSA, C&G, NVQ's etc. So, someone thought 'What the heck! - let's have a universal Qualification'. And introduced another one. And that has now started sprouting!

Beam me up, Scotty!

  Chris the Ancient 18:58 22 Apr 04

Simultaneous replies!

VoG™ Thanks - posted that link to my colleage. She can work it out!

ps - VoG™ managed to make a 1-word answer!

  end 22:51 22 Apr 04

a one word answer??? "energize".....and in Scotty"s accent.."where are you off to, lads "n" lasses??".....

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