Computer down, can some help!

  IanEvo70 18:21 02 Nov 05

My main PC started to reset and freeze on the white on black boot/ bios screen without any warning. I had to then reset it but it wouldn't come back on until I left it for an hour or more!

This increased and the length of time I had to leave it powered down had to increase before it would boot up again but then the life expectancy became shorter and shorter!

Now it has failed to reboot and is totally dead!

I run Windows 98SE, the gigabyte motherboard and AMD athlon processor are 3 years old but all other components are new to within 6 months to a year.

I have installed brand new memory and PSU but still no reaction.
The only point of reference I have but the gigabyte website does not advise is there is a small orange light that comes on the motherboard when I press the power on button, but that’s it, it stays dead!

Can one of you great boffins out there advise, as I'm getting fed up?

Many thanks Ian.

  sattman 18:28 02 Nov 05

From your description of the fault I would suspect that the power supply has failed.

  woodchip 18:36 02 Nov 05

The Computeer is Overheating. Check the CPU Fan with a New one but it may be too late you may have blown the CPU. As above it could be the PSU but I think it's the CPU up the spout

  IanEvo70 18:43 02 Nov 05

I replaced the PSU, it's brand new. I have two new PSU' and nothing with both.

Note, the computer was resetting to and then freezing on the bios screen, I then had to leave it powered down for an hour just to get 15 mins run time when it would come on again.

The only components I havn't replaced are the motherboard and CPU

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:45 02 Nov 05

You have renewed the PSU!

any fans running?

HDD noises or leds?

Unplug everything except for motherboard, 1 stick of memory and cpu try to reboot

  IanEvo70 19:11 02 Nov 05

I have renewed the PSU.

Nothing runs, fans turn slightly but as nothing powers up they don't run.

There is a yellow led on the motherbaord that lights up when nothing else happens.

Should I have hard drive plugged in when I try to reboot with just basics?

Many Thanks Ian.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:43 03 Nov 05

Have you got ALL the connectors plugged in on the motherboard?

Som CPUs require a square 4 pin plug in before firing up.

Q. Should I have hard drive plugged in when I try to reboot with just basics?
A. With HDD unplugged should boot and give unable to find HDD message on screen. Now proved is not HDD dragging down PSU voltage

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