Computer Does Not Power On

  Sebby 13:51 12 Jul 06

A few weeks ago, I switched on my computer. It seemed to power on, then off immediately. After that, it would not power on at all.

Last night, I decided to try and figure out what the problem is with a view of fixing it. I plugged a kettle lead into the power supply and switched the wall socket on. Immediately, the fuse blew in the plug. I took out the power supply from the computer and installed another that I know works. This time it did not blow a fuse, but the computer would still not power on.

This is where I am at the moment. I think it's fair to say that the original power supply is broken, but not solely that. Is it possible that a faulty power supply has fried the motherboard? Unfortunately, the motherboard doesn't have a power LED, so I'm not even able to see whether it's receiving power.

Any help would be much appreciated.

  MAJ 13:59 12 Jul 06

"Is it possible that a faulty power supply has fried the motherboard?"

Yes that's possible.

Does the CPU fan start up when you start the computer, Sebby?

  Sebby 14:36 12 Jul 06

Thanks for your reply.

No, nothing powers on whatsoever.

  Fellsider 14:43 12 Jul 06

Which fuse blew? - presumably the one on the PSU

Have you checked the fuse in the plug on the powerlead?

  Sebby 14:47 12 Jul 06

It was the fuse in the plug that blew!

  MAJ 14:48 12 Jul 06

Have you checked that the main power cable from the socket is okay and that the motherboard connector (from the PSU)is seated properly?

  Sebby 15:13 12 Jul 06

Yes and yes. ;-)

  Taff™ 15:14 12 Jul 06

What type of computer (Make & Model)?

  Sebby 15:19 12 Jul 06

It's an eMachines 610.

  MAJ 15:27 12 Jul 06

It's a matter of working backwards from the wall socket, Sebby. If you're sure that's working, check the 'kettle' lead to the PSU, if that's okay, look to see if the power supply fan is operating. If that's okay, check the connector to the motherboard, if all those are working but the CPU fan isn't, then it's either a faulty motherboard connection or the motherboard itself is the problem.

  Sebby 15:29 12 Jul 06

Thanks for that. The cable from the wall is 100% fine, as is the PSU. So I can only think it's the motherboard. If it was the CPU or RAM, should the computer still power on?

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