computer dictation

  rupie 29 Jun 08

I am looking for a piece of software that can convert my speech to words, as i dictate. I have recording software and can create many formats of audio file but I want to conver it to a document such as word, that just needs proofing afterwards ???

  Newuser38 29 Jun 08

click here produce software that converts speech to text if you check their site I think you could find what you are seeking.

I used to use Dragon Naturally Speaking which was ok but there was a learning period in terms of how you speak, speed etc.

They also used to sell the software with a mike headset included which is needed for dictation.

  Forum Editor 29 Jun 08

you'll have speech recognition capabilities. You can use it to dictate text to Wordpad, or to give commands to the operating system.

I haven't used it myself, so I can't comment on its effectiveness. You'll find a speech recognition icon in the Control panel - click on it and take it from there; you'll need a microphone before you start.

  rupie 30 Jun 08

you can activate speech recog, in xp, if using office xp, I wonder how good it is...
I need it for my wifes college cource and so cannot afford expensice office/commercial products.

  Forum Editor 30 Jun 08

and let us know how you get on?

Voice recognition was discontinued when Office 2007 came along, and I can't help feeling there was a good reason for that.


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