Computer crashing after exit

  manishpindoria 16:18 18 Feb 03

Recently my computer has started to crash after i exit from a program!! This is usually a program that uses a bit more cpu power then normal, ie watching a dvd, playing a game etc.

The computer never crashes during the game, just immediately after exiting. Im not sure what the problem is. It could be an overheating problem, not sure though

I am running a 1600+ XP processor (Not overclocked), 512DDr ram, 40 Gb maxtor Harddisk, 64mb Geforce 3 Ti200
and usual othr things, cd/rw/dvd etc

Any Ideas?

  BrianW 16:21 18 Feb 03

Have you checked your temperatures? Sounds like overheating could be a factor, if not the cause.

  manishpindoria 16:24 18 Feb 03

the cpu is normally running at 50C while the case temp is about 40C, is that normal temperates, the case is normally open and i have 3 fans in there!

  Gongoozler 19:19 18 Feb 03

Hi manishpindoria. I don't think you have a temperature problem, 50C is fine anyway. If the problem was temperature related your computer would be more likely to crash while it was working hard, not when it stopped. In trying to diagnose this problem it is necessary to try to find what happens when exiting the program. Does the software change the graphics resolution? If it does, it could be a graphics setting problem or graphics driver or DirectX related. Otherwise it could be a memory problem. Have you recently added new memory or upgraded your graphics card or settings?

  manishpindoria 16:11 19 Feb 03

Hey Gongoozler,

I havent installed any new memory recently, but the problem does seem to occur everytime i exit out of a program, which does change the resolution, but this also occurs when i am encoding a dvd to divx format.

i was previously getting page faults, but that problem has stopped and only get restarts.

I will try fiddling around with directx, maybe try installing a new version.

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