Computer crashes after playing games

  graham12 07:35 AM 16 Jun 12

My computer crashes after playing 2 games being Railworks 2012 and Trainz 2012 both these games played before this problem started, the computer will play normally for anything from 5 to 20 minutes before crashing in that the screen goes blank but the computer is still on.

I had a look on the trainz forums and it looked like it could be a power problem so changed that from 250W up 650W and this has made no difference.

Could this be a graphic card problem?

My computer spec is Window 7 Home Premium 64 bit Intel Core 2 Quad processor Q8300 NVIDIA Geforce GT220 1024MB 1 TB HDD, 6 GBB DDR2.

Can anybody shed some light as to what could be going wrong Thanks

  KRONOS the First 09:20 AM 16 Jun 12

The GT 220 should be able to handle these games. Do you have the latest drivers? Make sure that the graphics cards fan is not overly dusty a soft brush and hoover works for me. Failing any improvement you could cheaply upgrade to a GT430 which might be worth considering.

  graham12 11:43 AM 16 Jun 12

Yes I have the latest drivers but the only thing that I haven't done was check for dust so that's my next job. Will give this a go and see what happens


  graham12 17:15 PM 16 Jun 12

Hi Chronus it was my graphic card that was faulty so have upgraded to a Geforce GT430 and everything is working fine.


  KRONOS the First 17:46 PM 16 Jun 12

Glad to hear it.


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