Computer Comes on but nothing comes on the screen

  Londoner1 07:48 18 Nov 05

Computer comes on but nothing comes on screen


I have a strange problem. When I put my computer on, it comes on but nothing comes on the screen.

I have to repeat puting it off and on until I hear a buzzer, a small sound, indicating computer is going to work. Preliminary bios lines appear on the black screen with a message under them reading: "CPU unworkable or has changed. Press Del to go to bios cpu software or f1 to continue."

I have gone to bios cpu software many times and changed cpu parameters like downclocking cpu but it has not worked. Now simply I press f1 to continue. But each time I put the computer on I get the same problem. I have to put it on and off or rebooting it many times until it starts to come on. Now I am scared to put my computer off.

Please help


  Skyver 07:51 18 Nov 05

Sounds as though your power supply is failing and/or CMOS battery needs replacing. Will it restart normally if it's been on for a while, switched off for 5 minutes or so and then switched back on again?

  jack 09:02 18 Nov 05

First place to look is the cheapest option I guess
- replace the CMOS battery- when the machine is on
Is the displayed time accurate or allover the place? TRhe first signs of CMOS battery decline is time loss.

  Stuartli 09:06 18 Nov 05

Have you checked your graphics card for secure fitment and/or drivers?

  Londoner1 20:18 19 Nov 05

The fault proved to be the power supply unit bought three months ago for £75.00. I bought it simply because I fell in love with it because the supplier claimed it had voltage regulator and voltage regulators supposed to keep computer power supply in perfect order.

After I put back my old power supply unit, all faults disappeared.

Many thanks to all those kind people responed.

  Stuartli 22:10 19 Nov 05

Then you are entitled to a replacement of equivalent or superior value or a refund for the new PSU.

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