Computer comes on and goes straight off

  vwone 08:36 04 Jan 12

Hi my base unit with an AMD processer about a three years old kept switching off. I assumed it was over heating so took it apart to clear all the dust. Now it just goes to power up and then goes off. If I remove the AMD chip from the motherboard it powers up and all the fans work but as soon as I lock the chip down it goes off. There is no heat sink left on the chip but I would not have thought this would make it go off instantly.

Is it definatley the chip that is faulty or could it be that with it in other things are powering up that could cause the fault?


  onthelimit1 08:53 04 Jan 12

'There is no heat sink left on the chip '

Unwise to powerup without a heat sink. What happens when the heatsink is installed?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 09:29 04 Jan 12

With no heat sink it is likely to either -

burn out the cpu

or do a protection shut down within a second or two.

Clean the old thermal paste off the cpu and fit the heat sink using a very thin smear of new thermal paste (instructions and videos)

  vwone 09:32 04 Jan 12

Hi, sorry I meant it does have a heat sink it is just the thermal paste that is missing. I will get some today and see if that helps. Thanks

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 09:50 04 Jan 12

Heat sink is a waste of time without the thermal paste.

Correct cleaning and application of the thermal paste is essential.

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