Computer at college making weird sounds

  Fateful Shadow 11:57 26 Sep 05

I'm in the library at the moment at my college and we have about 30 "Ergo" computers. click here

They tend to crash a lot (probably due to the students!) but there seems to be one by me that has been out of use for a while. When you start it up, the screen will flicker, the fans will work, and then about 2 seconds later the screen flickers again, etc.

This is continual, except after about 45 minutes a strange beeping noise comes from the computer. About every half-second, the computer lets out a beep (quite quiet), and then it'll let out another one the next half second slightly lower in pitch. This will continue until someone switches it off.

Obviously (or we hope) it will be fixed by our technicians, but I was wondering whether anyone here had an idea to what it could be, and more importantly, why it seems to start 'singing' after a while!

Thanks :)

  sil_ver 12:15 26 Sep 05

The beeping could be a fan or overheat warning the 'singing' could be a fan blade rubbing. Might be worthwhile running the PC with the cover off to check - If you're allowed too, that is.

  Fateful Shadow 19:20 26 Sep 05

The sound sound's too 'mechanical' ... if you know what I mean. It sounds like a game of Pong, except instead of a little 'ping' when the ball hits the paddle, it is sustained.

I'd like to run the PC without the cover, but the chance of that happening without me getting caught are slim to none :P

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