computer clock

  sms 14:40 08 Sep 06

my pc clock constantly looses time. What causes this please

  User-312386 14:46 08 Sep 06

Most probably the CMOS battery needs replacing on the motherboard

  gudgulf 14:47 08 Sep 06

Just loses time.....or loses it's setting when the pc is shut down?

If it's the latter then the motherboard battery might be running out.

If it's just losing time...then remember the pc clock is not driven by a quartz crystal and is not 100% accurate....irrelevant for a web connected pc though.

Assuming you have XP

Rt click the time in the Taskbar,select adjust date/time and then the Internet Time tab.Put a click in the "Automatically sychronise with a web server" box.

The clock will periodically check against a very accurate source and reset itself.

  sms 15:44 08 Sep 06

my pc is running in a vessel which does not have internet access. I think it must be the cmos battery.

  picklefactory 17:12 08 Sep 06

Just tried that myself as it was new to me, but the 2 default time servers and just generate an error 'Peer is unreachable'. Internet connection is running fine, but the sync doesn't seem to happen.

  ened 17:19 08 Sep 06

Just out of curiosity do you know how accurate the "very accurate source " is?
Sometimes my time is all over the place within hours of a 'synchronisation'.

  gudgulf 17:27 08 Sep 06

Last time I checked..about a week ago the synchronised time was identical to the atomic clock at Greenwich click here

Good enough for me!

picklefactory....sometimes it is difficult to connect manually,and I don't know why.I usually let it update automatically ,but Ive just this minute checked and synched with, no problem.

  picklefactory 18:06 08 Sep 06

I bow to my elder and better and happily take your word for it, I have no problem, just curious, my clock is normally pretty good.
Cheers (Like the name, Bored of the Rings is a classic)

  gudgulf 18:13 08 Sep 06 of my favourites too ;)))

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