computer buzzes?

  only me 16:20 17 Jan 04

my friend has a buzzing noise from her base box has blown it out but still the same any help

  Jester2K 16:23 17 Jan 04


a) your friend should see a doctor


b) explain what you mean with more detail.

  only me 16:27 17 Jan 04

every time I put my computer on and go on the internet a buzzing noise occures in the base box, I've tried to spray air on the fans and it still makes a noise do you know why

  Jester2K 16:28 17 Jan 04

Well one of the fans must have a worn bearing. Can you work out which one?

  only me 16:31 17 Jan 04

how do I find out if it has a worn bearing

  Jester2K 16:35 17 Jan 04


I'm assuming that the buzzing is coming from a fan - thats why you sprayed air into them isn't it? The buzzing was coming from a fan???

Can you listen out and work out where the buzzing is coming from???? Fan? Hard Drive? Modem? PSU? etc

Stop it with a rolled up tenner.

  only me 16:43 17 Jan 04

hi my friend has gone home, i have told her to register with you, so she will be in touch

  Jester2K 16:53 17 Jan 04

Probably best....

  AragornUK 17:21 17 Jan 04

I don't know if your friend will continue to use this thread, but.......

You say it happens when she goes on the internet? Is the buzzing definitely not there when not on the net? I would open the case and listen for the buzzing coming from modem / network card depending on connection to interent. Then, if that's where the buzzing is from, remove the card and reseat it (if confident in doing so) and see if that helps

  Mango Grummit 18:30 17 Jan 04

Buzzing ------- I had this problem for a while after the kitten wee'd on the keyboard. After a saucer of milk the buzzing stopped.

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