Computer Backup

  rsedw 12:09 20 Aug 08

I am looking for a very simple computer backup program that will completely back my whole computer up (excluding my photos and music and any other very large files as they are also kept on a backup USB Hard Drive). I also want to be able to totally restore my computer/boot from the copy in the event of a hard drive failure on the computer.
I have quite a fast Quad core computer so I'm sure there is something out there, either free or at a reasonable cost.
It would be ideal if it 'shadowed' my computer onto a USB Hard Drive but not slow my computer down too much.
I have tried the supplied software with my Maxtor USB drives but it slowed my computer down considerably
Can anyone help me please??

  DippyGirl 12:22 20 Aug 08

Acronis True Image has been highly recommended in other threads

  DieSse 13:01 20 Aug 08

You can get a free (slightly restricted, but fine for whole drive images) of Acronis, directly from the Seagate (MaxTor) site.

  MsTechie 21:32 20 Aug 08

When recommending backup software, I've noticed that no one ever recommends the free software that comes with Windows OS, I use this all the time at work and at home and it has never let me down.

  woodchip 22:02 20 Aug 08

Problem with the free version is you may not be able to load it to a new drive as you need the boot Rescue CD to run when you boot so you can load the Image

  woodchip 22:04 20 Aug 08

Thats OK as long as you have windows working so it can load the backup. your backups are dead if windows will not work or you lose the drive

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