Computer Acting Strange!!!

  Spex 13:56 23 Mar 06

Hi, Lately my computer has been acting unusually strange, my startbar has changed to the windows 98 start bar (grey and old) and when i go to appearences, the windows xp style is gone, only windows classic is there, i got this back from a reply on a previous forum i made about my taskbar being grey. but half my internet pages are (page cannot be displayed) even google wont work, im on a school computer now, because PC adviser was displaying the same message.

and also when i use bittorrent its not downloading... and when it finally does, it takes unusually longer than it should.

(im using bittorrent for LEGAL files, incase you think about accusing me :)

do i have a virus? if i do nortan hasnt picked it up, and neither has Ewido. so what shoudl i do?

  beynac 14:04 23 Mar 06

Go to MalWare Removal website click here They will be able to help you. Read the whole thread and follow the steps given.

  ACOLYTE 14:05 23 Mar 06

Have you checked that the Theme service is running in computer management/services,it should be set to Automatic,i don't know about a virus but as you use bittorent its a possibility
Have you tried an online scan,or this click here its small enough to fit on a floppy and is a stand alone scanner,also i would scan with your AV software as well.

  Spex 16:44 23 Mar 06

websites seem to be up and running, and im on PC at home so...

and i also got my task bar back to xp style, and bittorrent is STILL slow!

i dont know whats wrong with that, i re-installed and still no.

i dont know what else to try for that one.

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