Computer abbreviatons explained

  stalion 11:34 30 Jun 05

This explains the abbreviations used re-computer jargon ie;CPU,HD,MB ETC
click here

  Danoh 13:10 30 Jun 05

Excellent link, stalion! BABEL is such an apt name! Shame it does not have some brief explanation in plain English though.

E.g. URL = Uniform Resource Locator. Much simpler stated as a Web site address.

Even though it is also used to locate any item (entity) on your own PC, local network, etc. Just too much information some times!! :-)

  pj123 14:59 30 Jun 05

You can also use this website and just type in the acronym in the search box.

click here

The first answer is usually the accepted one.

  pj123 15:04 30 Jun 05

Whoops, DDR didn't work. Came up with Deutsche Demokratische Republik (former East Germany) first and then Double Data Rate (RAM).

Still think it is a good site though.

  p;3 16:18 30 Jun 05

it has all to be in very plain english ; and, soemone might not even know what a web site address is ; stuff has to be basic basic:)

  Danoh 00:35 01 Jul 05

p;3 ~ 2 true 4 many

pj123 ~ yes, the real explanation appended is better!

  recap 15:03 01 Jul 05

Here are a few that have helped me over the years:

click here

click here

click here

  Completealias 03:31 06 Jul 05

How about computeractives jargon buster an a to z of techno terms click here

  Buchan 35 19:26 13 Jul 05

I like `em all but I would`nt force any one of them on a beginner. Choose your own and have fun

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