orange 666 14 Jan 13

I have a Avent 64 bit computer,every time i boot up I get a message tell me i need to down load framework.version2.0, I have try to down load from microsoft down load center, But to no avail. Could some one help me please.

  lotvic 14 Jan 13

What is your op sys? is it W7 64bit? I found the following info on

"Windows 7 comes with .net framework 3.5 Sp1, .net framework 2.0 also included in this package you can go to: Control Panel-->Programs and features, and left panel you should see an option for "Turn windows features on or off" click there and you can see .net framework installations."

If .net framework option is turned on try uninstalling by turning off the and after uninstall restart your machine and turn it back on. This might help also are you using a thrid party picture viewer and sofware? If you are you might wanna get the latest updates for that software.

Windows 7 will not let you install .net framework 2 you will get a compatibility message.

  orange 666 14 Jan 13

thank You op sys is W7 64bit

  lotvic 14 Jan 13

If the solutions on tomshardware fixed it for you please mark this thread 'Resolved' by clicking on the big grey tick at the right of one of the posts and it will turn green and next time page is refreshed thread will be marked resolved.

If still not fixed please post back and say if you still have problem and what you have tried.


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