Compressing photos

  Doberman 09:13 16 Jun 03

I have stored 3 photos from my digital camera in my documents.The photos were shot at 1mb each and are too large to e-mail.I have loaded an evaluation version of winzip but am uncertain how to proceed with reducing the file size and then attaching them to an e-mail.Can anyone help?

  Agent Smith 09:18 16 Jun 03

When you saved your photos did you change the jpeg compression ratio. When you use winzip you should be given the option to compress your document as High, Normal or Low compression.

  Pesala 10:08 16 Jun 03

JPG format is already highly compressed. Comressing it again with Win Zip will have little or no effect. To reduce the size further you have two options: reduced the resolution, or reduce the quality. Luckily, most photos can be compressed quite a lot without much loss of quality. Take a look at this thread for the pros and cons of different graphic formats: click here

If you download Irfan View from click here you will be able to convert graphics easily from one format to another and quickly find the optimum compression. If quality is your main concern, reduce the resolution, and save in PNG or TIFF formats.

  Pesala 10:13 16 Jun 03

Which graphic format is best? click here

  Stuartli 12:49 16 Jun 03

Just alter each photograph's file to .jpeg (for instance Jimmy.jpeg) and then Send To (in this case) Mail Recipient by right clicking on each picture; alternatively drag and drop each file after changing it to a .jpeg into a new e-mail panel.

  Doberman 15:49 16 Jun 03

Thanks to all those who replied. It seems to me that if I want to e-mail images in future I will have to choose a lower resolution than 1mb!

  GroupFC 16:21 16 Jun 03

If your o/s is XP, it has a handy wizard for e-mailing photos. In explorer, right click on the image(s) you want to send, click on send to, then mail receipient, you then get a pop-up window with the option to make the images smaller. This then opens a new OE message window with the files attached.

I must say I don't know what a 1mb picture will compress to as I don't have any of this size to experiment with!

  marjted 16:58 16 Jun 03

Keep the 1mb pixel image for your own printing needs. Save it in TIff format. Then go to IMAGE SIZE and reduce the width to about 500 pixels. Now save the image again in JPEG format. The menu command might be EXPORT. During this process, you will have an OPTION to reduce (compress) the size of the image for e-mails. About halfway - 5 or 50 depending on the scale- is a good starting point. The final decision is one of smaller file size hence quicker download but some loss of quality or high quality but wait an age for download. For many 'news' sort of images between family & friends, we often mail images as low as 20Kb quite satisfactorily.

You will then end up with one quality tiff image and one general image for e-mailing.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 21:42 16 Jun 03

click here and d/l the freebie 'photoresizer'. It auto resizes pics to 40ish Kbs...ideal for email and still good quality.


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