compress music

  aceguy 18:19 25 Mar 04

what is the best way to compress my music files then burn them straight to dvd for backup? the files would span over three or four dvd` there a good free program to do this? i use windows xp. some advice would be great - cheers!!

  gasman42 18:40 25 Mar 04

If you want to compress ordinary cds to mp3.then i use CDEx,which is free and easy to use.
click here

  aceguy 18:46 25 Mar 04

i just want to compress my whole music folder and save to dvd so if my pc buggers up there will be a backup to put back to my hard disk.

  Boluwd 19:00 25 Mar 04

Are your music files already in mp3 format?

  aceguy 19:13 25 Mar 04

99% of them are mps format.

  aceguy 20:08 25 Mar 04

also whats a good free program for changing music into the mp3 format???

  Boluwd 21:10 25 Mar 04

To encode music to mp3 I use Exact Audio Copy (EAC) click here and LAME encoder.

It's free and very good.

as for your original question, as your music is already compressed (mp3) I don't think you can further compress the folder with something like WinZip. I'm not really sure about that tho', maybe someone else can advise.

You could always install a second hard drive dedicated to your Music files. This is what I have done with my old computer which is upstairs and acts as a jukebox for the bedroom. It's also networked to the main computer downstairs so all the files appear on both machines and therefore backed up.

  Â ÑÌÇKÑÂMË 21:33 25 Mar 04

You can compress them to zip/rar file but depending how big the MP3s are its not likly to shrink much i use db poweramp to do MP3 files you could redo the files makeing them smaller by lowering the sample rate but this may affect the quailty.


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