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  User-178362 17:17 17 Dec 06

Could you please tell me how do I unlock compressed files? I am having prob with my scanner for the last six months and I am wondering if by unlocking, I might see twain to do with the scanner. Sorry I know I don't know what I am talking about or what to expect when I unlock my compressed files but I thought maybe my scanners twain my be looked up? Bet you think I need locking up.

  Diodorus Siculus 17:22 17 Dec 06

You said it!

Anyway, what is the problem?

If you tell us the type of scanner and the operating system as well as describe the problem you are having, a solution may be forthcoming.

For isntance, you might be able to uninstall the scanner and install a driver.

  User-178362 05:49 18 Dec 06

Epson Perfection 3170scanner. Win XP service pack 2 build2600. Will not scan since I had Win XP installed. Had new driver. We think it is because I haven't got twain anymore and I was wondering has it been conpressed. We cannot download Twain on my PC. My friend is going to try on there PC This is our last hope. I will have to take the scanner with the PC back to the dealer. I will leave this thead open for a few days, then come back when it has been fixed to let you know how it went thank you.

  brundle 11:30 18 Dec 06

Forget `compressed files` for a moment - your issue is `driver` related.
Download the driver file here click here

click on the second blue link some way down the page ; "TWAIN Driver and EPSON Scan Utility v2.65A" - not 2.68 because that is for 64 bit XP.

From the site
"Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows Me, Windows 98SE
epson11374.exe - 10MB - posted on 04/15/05

This self-extracting file contains the EPSON Scan Utility and TWAIN Driver v2.65A for Windows 98SE, Me, 2000 and XP. This file self-extracts to your hard drive and is placed in c:\EPSON\epson11374.

Windows XP users: During installation you may see a "Hardware Warning" dialog box. Click "Continue Anyway" to complete the installation. "

It may start installing the driver itself, if not locate the folder `C:\EPSON\epson11374` and click setup.exe

  User-178362 15:10 18 Dec 06

Thank you very much.

  User-178362 08:14 19 Dec 06

I have downloaded the hardware. I unzipped everything as I didn't know if I had to or not. Now it isn't giving me the Smart penal or any thing to click on i.e scan and save. If I click on Scanners and cameras it tells me the scanner is in use.

  brundle 08:39 19 Dec 06

Go to Control Panel, Scanners and Cameras, click on your scanner, press Delete to remove it. Make sure there are no scanning programs or software running which may be waiting for input from the scanner. Remove the drivers you installed by going to Control Panel/Add Remove Programs. Reboot. Re-install the drivers.

  User-178362 09:03 19 Dec 06

Thank you again. I will try doing it later.

  User-178362 16:34 30 Dec 06

Control Panel Scanners and Cameras. I clicked on this icon but my scanner wasn't there. You don't mean delete the icon do you S/C? I know the scanner is linked to the PC because I have the icons on my desktop scan and smart panel also in Control Panel.

  brundle 16:48 30 Dec 06

That means the software is installed - as I said, if the computer is not picking up the scanner itself (regardless of whether the software is present on the machine) you ought to remove the scanner software using Control Panel - Add/Remove, reboot and re-install the software.

  brundle 16:50 30 Dec 06

Manual, setup guide, drivers can be found here; click here

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