Composite or S-video?

  geedad 23 Nov 11

I am recording through a VHS to DVD maker, and I find that synchronising the sound with vision is just not accurate. The DVD Maker's connections are Composite and/or S-Video, ,and I am using the Composite connections at the moment. I hav'nt tried yet, but could the S-Video connection better synchronise the video? geedad

  chub_tor 24 Nov 11
  geedad 24 Nov 11

chub_tor many thanks! great help. geedad

  Les28 24 Nov 11

Have a look here to see many common reasons why dropped frames or audio/video synch problems can happen.

enter link description here

If it's an even amount of time difference between audio and video throughout the whole clip this is usually easily corrected in the captured work in most video editing programs by nudging audio and video together again.

I had an S-video VHS recorder to record from TV or camcorder, it would record in normal VHS or with a different tape would record in S-video and I also had an S-video camcorder.

I was under the impression that the S-video camcorder recorded at 400 lines, the VHS camcorders recorded at 240 lines, much more detailed images with S-video; same with the S-video VHS recorder much better quality recordings of TV programs and I could input my recordings from my camcorder at S-video quality into the S-video VHS and have same quality taped as my camcorder footage, however they would only play on my S-video VHS recorder though, same with any TV films I recorded in S-video wouldn't play on a normal VHS machine.

So maybe I'm wrong but I think an S-video connection is for transferring S-video recorded footage, not for transfering ordinary VHS recorded footage.


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