Completely Clean Hard Drive

  Jason-211945 06:55 11 Feb 06

I have a PC that I am thinking of getting rid of. How can I ensure that the hard drive in it is COMPLETELY clean? I have heard that even though you format it, there can still be stuff on it!

  ianeon 07:21 11 Feb 06

The guaranteed way is to remove the hard disc and physically destroy it - however there is a programme called "KILLDISK" which will wipe your drive get it from here click here this works I have used it

  stylehurst 10:23 11 Feb 06

Another possibility is Eraser which can be obtained from click here
I have used this & it works

  spuds 12:10 11 Feb 06

There is a programme called Wincleaner Ultra Destroy-it, that states it meets and exceeds Data Destruction Standards set by the U.S. Dept. of Defense (DoD 5220.22-M). This was available a few months ago from Ebuyer.

But as previously stated,the only way to make certain of destroying any data, would be the removal and total destruction of the hard-drive.

  hzhzhz 12:14 11 Feb 06
  GANDALF <|:-)> 12:25 11 Feb 06

As usual this question has devolved into james Bond situations. Just format the drive and reload the OS. Unless you are the top spook at MI5 this will be more than enough. Data recovered from drives that have been *formatted* tends to be in partitions that were unformatted due to operator error.


  Monument 12:31 11 Feb 06

Data recovered from drives that have been *formatted* tends to be in partitions that were unformatted due to operator error. Absolute nonsense.
Give me a drive that has been formatted and an O/S installed and I will recover multiple files with free software easily downloaded from the web.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 14:38 11 Feb 06

We are talking about home computers here not a business computer. If you really want to you can retrieve data from a drive that has been thoroughly cleaned with an external programme....*see 'forensic recovery'. As usual this is getting silly and ultra paranoid.


  Monument 15:08 11 Feb 06

I really can not see what is silly or paranoid about someone wanting to ensure you leave no personal data on a hard drive you are disposing of?

If you use a program that overwrites the existing data then a 'forensic recovery' will only recover whatever was overwritten be it random data or zeros.

  jakimo 16:53 11 Feb 06

"silly and ultra paranoid" I wonder who that could be.

  24bitkid 16:56 11 Feb 06

It is easy.

Format HD. Reload OS. Rewrite free space as ZERO.


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