Completed scan in safe mode

  User-394903 12:44 18 Aug 08

Afternoon all,
A completed scan in safe mode using AVG8 shows the pc to be clear of all infections. Returning to normal, I have an avgrep.txt on my desktop which I opened. This shows that 453759 objects scanned and noticed that all objects that I've looked at that have been scanned are either >Log Locked file. Not tested. or >Locked file. Not tested (without the arrow heads.) Is this cause for concern?

This is the first time I have done a scan in safe mode so maybe I'm being over cautious.

Thank you for all responses.

  kalignorgna 13:13 18 Aug 08

Kaspersky does the same thing it comes up when a file is password protected or the like, it comes up in normal startup as well so u dont need to worry about that aspect. however I am unsure to the safety of the scan when it comes up with messages like this, unfortanely i don't beleve there is a way to scan these area's propaley.

hope this helps.

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