Complete system restore

  ade3k 02:26 18 May 08

Need a bit of help, and will probably sound pretty thick.

I'm trying to do a complete reboot of my laptop and restore it to factory settings. I have a Vista recovery disk but I can't for the life of me work out how to actually initialise the reboot process.

Anyone able to help with a guide of what to do?

  pac73 02:41 18 May 08

Reboot your pc,and when its just coming on repeatedly tap f11 i think it is to get into bios...then change your boot order to boot first from your cd rom...

  pac73 02:42 18 May 08

Sorry,i think it either f8 or f2...what make is your pc.

  Acx 02:52 18 May 08

On start up (with XP anyway) its f10 for recovery, watch the screens when starting your laptop and press f10 (or the F key that says press for for recovery) and see what options it gives you.

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