Complete new OS Dell 4100

  rawprawn 16:12 15 Sep 06

I have been given an old Dell Dimension 4100 loaded with win 2000 which I cannot get to work at all. I want to completely wipe the HD and load My old win 98 OS and then upgrade it to Millenium. I have all the old discs from my old computer and I want to give it to my grandchildren.
Problem! I don't seem to be able to set BIOS to boot from PC so that I can format using win 98. Any help welcome.

  ed-0 16:18 15 Sep 06

It's probably got the hard drive formated in NTFS.

Have you got a windows 98 start up disk. If so boot from that and go to fdisk.

If you can get there, post back for info.

  rawprawn 16:27 15 Sep 06

Thanks for the reply, I have the 98 disc if I just put it in and reboot should it pick it up. I thought that I should change the boot sequnce because if not it seems to boot to it's OS which is kaput.
Can you give me instructions I am lost with win 98

  rawprawn 16:31 15 Sep 06

unfortunately I only have one monitor so I will be switching about

  Kate B 16:32 15 Sep 06

Why would you want to "upgrade" to Millennium? If you can't run Windows 2000, stick with 98SE. There was nothing good about Millennium.

  Strawballs 16:34 15 Sep 06

ed-0 is talking about a win98 start up floppy.

click here see if this helps

  rawprawn 16:35 15 Sep 06

The only reason is that I upgraded my old machine from 98 to millenium and had no problems.

  rawprawn 16:39 15 Sep 06

The computer already has win 2000 on it, I thought that would be FAT.

  Newuser4165 16:41 15 Sep 06

On start up go into the bios by tapping the <del> key.The boot tab in the bios will alow you to change the boot sequence to allow boot from Floppy.
Restart the pc with the Win98SE boot flloppy.

Alternatively if you have the Win98 CD rom then adjust the Bios to boot from the CD.

  rawprawn 16:42 15 Sep 06

OK I have found an old win 98 boot disc, If I put that in where then. Sorry to ask like this but switching monitors is difficult.

  rawprawn 16:44 15 Sep 06

I tried to change the boot sequence to cd, but I couldn't seem to change it

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