Compile source code Unbuntu.

  rossgolf 16:14 21 Apr 08

how do i compile source code that i have downloaded. using Ubuntu. i have searched the internet but i aint got a clue what it is going on about. step by step please...thanks

  DieSse 16:31 21 Apr 08

If you don't know what is going on - then there is no reason you should be compiling your own version of Ubuntu.

Where and how did you get such an instruction?

To use Ubuntu

First download the .iso file for the version you want

Second burn it to a CD using a "burn image" facility (don't just copy it).

Third - boot the computer with the CD as the first boot device - and you'll be running Ubuntu straught from the CD (ie not installed on your hard drive).

  rossgolf 16:33 21 Apr 08

no i dont mean compiling ubuntu...sorry thats my fault i just read my post again and realised it made no sense. i mean if i download a program in source code how do i compile it?

  DieSse 16:37 21 Apr 08

If you've downloaded source code - then you've accidentally downloaded the wrong thing.

On this page click here it's the top link for version 8.04 - and if you hover on the link you'll see in the status bar it's a file that ends with .iso

Note the is a Release Candidate - the final version is scheduled for later this week.

  DieSse 16:38 21 Apr 08

Ah - You need a compiler for the appropriate type of source code - which is?

  rossgolf 16:39 21 Apr 08

well ive downloaded "kismet" and i just need to know how to compile it... i dont no where to put all the "./configure" commands and such like .

  rossgolf 16:50 21 Apr 08

is there just a few simple rules to follow to compile source. of any program?

  rossgolf 17:11 21 Apr 08


  DieSse 17:29 21 Apr 08

Try the documentation click here it tells you how to compile it - other than that try the Kismet Forums.

Beyond that is not my field I'm afraid.

  rossgolf 17:31 21 Apr 08

cheers. i was just looking for simple rules to follow like step one do this step 2 do that etc
but if it is different for every program then i can see where that would be a problem

  rossgolf 18:53 21 Apr 08

i have managed to install it but i cant find out where the program has gone to?? is there a place where they deaultly go to?

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