compatible DVD decoder

  mickieboy 11:50 24 Dec 06

After my computer crashed, I reloaded windows only to find that my pc will not play DVDs. When I check if a DVD decoder is loaded through the run cnd the system tells me I have one. Can you help?



  De Marcus™ 11:53 24 Dec 06

Which command are you using?

  mickieboy 11:57 24 Dec 06

it was dvdupgrd/detect

  De Marcus™ 12:01 24 Dec 06

Ok, that's the correct command.

You don't have a decoder installed.

When you reloaded windows was it from a restore disk or from a windows xp disk, if it was the latter then you'll have to reinstall the DVD software that probably came with your pc from a seperate disk, if it was the the restore from a partition or restore cd then the software was likely to be indluded in the restoration, however not always. Check you haven't missed installing the DVD playback software.

  mickieboy 12:06 24 Dec 06

I have reloaded the pinnacle Studio 9 (instant cinema) with the same result decoder missing. I am sure this is the DVD software.

  De Marcus™ 12:10 24 Dec 06

Pinnacle studio 9 is video editing software, however I'm pretty sure that unless it has the ability to edit .vobs it won't have a decoder built in that's available to the rest of your system. I'm not familiar with Studio 9 although I know how popular it is so hopefully someone can clear that up. In the meantime you can use the XP codec pack from click here

  mickieboy 12:14 24 Dec 06

Could you let me have the full address it's not my day, the web site will not load.

  De Marcus™ 12:16 24 Dec 06

Just give it a little while to load it must be busy.

Top result for the homepage, subsequent ones for other download locations click here

  skidzy 12:20 24 Dec 06

Hi De Marcus™ maybe the codec from click here

  De Marcus™ 12:22 24 Dec 06

It's worth a shot however if you experience purple tinging in video's you'll have to uninstall it, it's something to do with the cinepack decoder and one in klite not being compatible on certain systems.

  De Marcus™ 12:24 24 Dec 06

sorry not the cinepack decoder, it was an audio codec that collides but they're are only a few reports of it happening so either or.

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