Compatibility problem

  NickyK 13:41 29 Jan 05

I have a minor compatibility problem which is generally slowing things down and preventing updates from one or two sites, etc. I have a pretty good idea what's causing this, but I wondered if there were a product that could diagnose such a problem for me and save me the time and hassle.

  stalion 15:08 29 Jan 05

can you give more detail of your problem and os please

  NickyK 15:23 29 Jan 05

Hello, stalion. My system is Windows XP/SP2 (AOL 9). I recently installed some new software (and everything was fine for a while). Now everything is going at half speed. I've run virus scans, spybot, adaware etc. The new software was legit (e.Scan internet security suite from this month's cover disc - I've removed old virus scanners which e.scan told me were not compatible) - my Firewall is McAfee.
Now, when I try and update A2 and Spyware blaster, I get error messages. I also recently replaced Java 1.4.2 with 1.6. Basically, the system is working at half speed - I've checked the internet connection and that is supposed to be "optimal".

I haven't installed any software from any sources other than coverdiscs.

Someone recommened PC Bug Doctor, but since I don't know this product and don't like it's name, I am loathe to try it.

Thanks, N

  961 15:42 29 Jan 05

System restore back to original state

  stalion 15:44 29 Jan 05

is a2 anti-virus as well?

  stalion 15:46 29 Jan 05

also is there a firewall included in the new software?

  NickyK 15:53 29 Jan 05

A2 is spyware (legitimate). No new firewall in "e". Just virus scan. Also, I am not sure this is the problem, since everything was working okay for a few days after I'd installed e. Could be a virus or bug I can't find from the internet.

I can never get system restore to work, 961, but thanks anyway.

  NickyK 23:24 29 Jan 05

In the end, I removed all programs that might conflict with e.scan, and still had the system working at 50% speed - even after reboots, cleaning with cc and regcleaner, etc.

I solved my problem by removing the e.scan security suite, reinstalling my original anti-virus protection, spyware stuff, firewalls etc and now my computer is back to its old self.

It's best not to keep fixing things until they break.

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