Compatability- Graphics card/TFT monitor/TV card

  muppet 99 17:01 14 May 03

I'm considering getting a TFT (DVI-D)& analogue monitor to suppliment a new pc (on order). Do I need to get a monitor that supports s-video & composite - what does s-video & composite do?

PC is coming with a Radeon 9700 pro 128 and the motherboard ( asus p4s8x-x i think) has an on board TV tuner card (probably fairly basic tv card).

The 9700 pro appears to have s-video & composite input.

Does the monitor need S-video & composite to watch TV ?

.... confused !!!

  JFT 17:24 14 May 03

S Video and compsite are for the VIVO functions on your card IE Video in/Video out.This allows you input video onto your computer from various sources VCR,Analogue camcorder etc etc for the purposes of video editing, the video out comes into play if you want output your video editing or if you want to use your PC's DVDRom to watch DVDs on your television. Your monitor wont have S Video or composite functions and doesn't need them.
Hope this helps!

  muppet 99 16:57 05 Jun 03

Thanks for clarifying that.

regards muppet99

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