Compare registrys

  woodt 13:56 04 Jan 06

Hi all,

Does anybody know of an easy way to compare the registry before and after an event?

I use F-secure 2006 and System Mechanic 6 on my laptop running XP Home SP2

After running SM6's Total Care utility, FS2006's Spam Control reports a malfunction.

I thought I might be able to compare the registry after a clean install of FS 2006 with the registry after SM has run to see if any changes had been made.

Thanks in advance.

  woodchip 14:00 04 Jan 06

There is far too much info in there for you to look at or compare

  woodt 14:07 04 Jan 06

Woodchip thanks for the reply. I realise that it would take forever to compare each registry item individually but I wondered of anyone knew of a utility that would do it automatically? A long shot I know but hey...

  woodt 15:19 04 Jan 06

Sorted. Its amazing what you can find with a Google search. Should have tried that first. Just for info F-secure adds 1722 registry entries, amazing.

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