Company Laptop on Home Network

I have two desktops networked through a Netgear router using a Cable modem. Some time ago I bought my wife a small laptop and hooked a Belkin N wireless router to one of the ports on the Netgear router. All works well. Everyone can surf the web and I can swap files between the two desktops. Last week I got a company laptop with wireless built in. I would like to be able to sync some files with my desktop. I have all the IP's and can ping everything but that's where it stops. How can I have my desktop and laptop see each other so I can sync files?

  Taff™ 09:22 27 Sep 09

Tell us the Operating Systems that each computer uses. You need to know what the Network name is that the existing computers use. (MSHOME or WORKGROUP?) I assume the works laptop uses a domain name for networking in the office - am I right or does that network have a name as well?

In principle you need to set up a network on the works laptop that`s the same as the home one. Then you should be able to see the other computers and share files etc.

All of the computers, including those at work use Windows XP Pro. My network at home is "Home Network." The two desktops have no trouble seeing it. The laptop can see the Belkin wireless router I have attached to the Home Network but cannot go any further. I disabled the ability to assign DNS numbers on the Belkin. The work network is much larger, linking locations in different cities through the domain name.

  Taff™ 12:20 27 Sep 09

From Control Panel go to Network Setup Wizard and run through that, putting in the network name "Home Network" instead of Workgroup. Reboot the computer and you should be done.

When I brought up the network setup wizard I got the following message:
"The wizard detected that this computer belongs to a domain. Therefore, you cannot use this wizard to set up a network."

  Taff™ 15:02 27 Sep 09

Try this - right click the start button and then "Explore". Select Tools then Map Network Drive then browse looking for the other computers.

There is a way to take the laptop off the domain but your work IT may not approve!

I tried. In the browse window of the Map network drive, there is nothing under "Microsoft Terminal Services" or "Web Client Network." Under "Microsoft windows Network" is my work network.

The company with the IT maintence contract comes routinely each Wednesday. He is pretty helpful and I will ask him if there is a work around. I can't believe I am the first to try this.

Thanks for all of your effort and help. I will let you know the outcome just for future reference.

Again, THANKS!

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