Compac Presario 5WV250

  denali 10:51 25 May 07

Would someone be kind enough to tell me how to remove the front panel from this PC. I have been to both Compac and HP sites but can find nothing. Thank you for any help

  MAJ 11:26 25 May 07

Lol they can be tricky, denali. If it's the same as my Presario, take off the side panel. Underneath the hard drive bay you'll see two horizontal plastic tabs near the bottom of the case) and one vertical plastic tab (closer to the bottom of the hard drive). Push down on both horizontal tabs and at the same pull across on the vertical tab. At the top of the drive bays there is also a green plastic tab, push that in and it will release the top front of the case. I hope you understand those ramblings.

  recap 11:29 25 May 07

click here scroll down to near the bottom and watch the video.

  recap 11:30 25 May 07

Sorry that should read "Installation overview video" not near the bottom.

  denali 12:20 25 May 07

recap: Tried that video.unfortunlatly not the same case.
MAJ: Thanks for the input. Will try it later

  denali 11:46 26 May 07

Thanks for all the help. Am now sorted

  MAJ 11:53 26 May 07

Did you usea hammer or did the instructions work?

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