Comodo and Windows update

  DerekE 15:55 21 Aug 08

Windows XP set to automatically update.

The last 3 times there has been an update, when I try and access IE afterwards, it blocks me. I then go into Comodo firewall (the free one) and find all the IExplorers have been changed to "Block" and I have to go through each entry (there are 8 of them) one at a time to enable the connection after which I can get connected again.

Is there a solution to this annoying problem as it is happening on my wife's computer and she cannot get access until I get home and sort it out for her. Tempted to uninstall Comodo if this carries on.

  Ex plorer 16:38 21 Aug 08

Hi You could try Windows XPs own fire wall if Comodo is giving problems.

  ^wave^ 16:39 21 Aug 08

not seen the problem here all ok xp and comodo

  DerekE 08:35 22 Aug 08

Think I will take Comodo off, thanks for the advice. I have a firwewall on my router so that together with Windows firewall should do

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