Comodo System Utility FREE Disk Cleaner - restore lost files?

  FITZY 06 Oct 12

I used Comodo System Utlity "Free" Disk Cleaner on my sons basic Compaq laptop, which uses Vista. Lots of his documents have been lost, including A level projects. The restore option lists "Privacy Cleaner Disk 22-09-2012 22:52:18" but the restore tab isn't available. There is a 1.4GB CBU file titled "Privacy Cleaner Disk 22-09-2012 22:52:18" on the hard drive in the Comodo backup folder. Could this be where the missing docs have gone? How do I restore them? Do I need the Pro version for the Restore function to work? Thanks.

  rdave13 06 Oct 12

Found this

  rdave13 06 Oct 12

It shows 'pro version only'.

  FITZY 06 Oct 12

Thanks for the help rdave. I've followed the instructions on the link and it looks like restore is working. Will let you know the outcome. Cheers :)

  FITZY 07 Oct 12

Tried to restore via the Privacy Cleaner - it didn't work!

  rdave13 07 Oct 12

Did you try to restore via the Disk cleaner rather than the privacy cleaner?

  FITZY 08 Oct 12

No files are shown as available to restore on the Disk Cleaner tab.


  rdave13 08 Oct 12

Then I would join their forums, here, and ask your questions in the Comodo System Utilities - CSU section. They should be able to get your files back. Sorry I can't be of further help. Good luck.


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