Comodo Secure DNS: Website Blocked....???

  hawthorn59 25 Aug 11

Hi Folks

I got this message when I tried to enter a website; I've also got it before for other websites. The thing is, I dont have anything by Comodo installed on my pc, so is this a scam/fake?

Heres the text:

"Comodo Secure DNS Warning Warning: Unsafe Website Blocked!

This website has been blocked temporarily because of the following reason(s):

* Malware: Site may contain content that is harmful, illegal, or malicious to your computer

Go back to safety (Recommended)

This website has been reported as unsafe by various users and we do NOT recommend you to continue browsing. Disregard this warning and continue (Not Recommended)"



  buteman 25 Aug 11

Did you ever download Comodo just to try it then remove it.

  buteman 25 Aug 11

Did you ever download the trial version of this.

Just wondering if that could be the problem.

I think you only get a 7 day trial so after that things may return to normal.

Look in add-remove for any Comodo programs and delete them.

Or go to msconfig and see if it is ticked on there and untick it.

  Secret-Squirrel 25 Aug 11

"so is this a scam/fake?"

I don't think it's scam as the domain mentioned in the message does appear to have a reputation for hosting malware.

At some point you've probably changed your default DNS servers to use Comodo's "Secure DNS" ones.

If you'd like me to confirm that then let me know which Windows version you're running. If you get your Internet connection from a router then do you use wireless or a cable connection?

  orsta 25 Aug 11

Comodo offer the Secure DNS server when installing their Internet Suite.

If you do not want to use this service have a look here.


  hawthorn59 26 Aug 11

I definitely have nothing by Comodo installed. A search discovered only the emails from PC Advisor telling me of your replies!

My internet comes from a wireless it possible theres something working in the router? I suppose thats actually a good thing then....!


  Secret-Squirrel 26 Aug 11

"I definitely have nothing by Comodo installed."

You don't need to install anything by Comodo to use their DNS servers.

"My internet comes from a wireless it possible theres something working in the router?"

If you still want to find out what's going on then you'll need to answer all the questions I asked. You may have wireless router but how does your PC connect to it - wireless or cable?


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