hiwatt 14:15 01 May 07

Hi folks,since using Comodo's firewall my computer is running a lot slower,has anyone else experiened this and if so is there a way round it?Thanks.

  iqs 14:30 01 May 07

hiwatt.I recently installed Comodo's firewall on my new PC.

I had nothing but problems,for example I could not switch the PC off,was very slow like yours.

One of the reasons for my issues I believe,was down to certain programs requesting access to the net.The pop up request box would lock/freeze.

After an hour of hell,and restoring the PC back to how it was when delivered,I now use the pre-installed Bullguard.

Must mention that I have used Zone Alarm's free firewall,worth a look.

I hope this helps?.

  Miros 15:22 01 May 07

No problems with Comodo for me!

  rdave13 17:10 01 May 07

Have been using Comodo for a while and no problems. Try this, open Comodo and click on security tab. Click on "scan for known applications". Once finished wait for the "close Comodo" popup and close it. Restart via launch pad in all programs by clicking "show applications".

  tullie 17:19 01 May 07

Silly question i know,but,have you just got the one Firewall?

  hiwatt 15:10 02 May 07

Thanks folks.Rdave,I've just done what you suggested but I can't see a "show applications" option in all programs,will I just restart the normal way?Thanks.

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